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7 Ways To Empower Your Birthday

birthdayIt’s my birthday tomorrow.

On July 10th, I will be 26 years old. I’m not sure if I’ll feel any older or wiser, but I know that I will enjoy the day. After all, everyone has a birthday only once a year, and so it would be right if you were celebrated your own day. Right?

Unfortunately, not everyone does. There are some who ‘go too far’ and end up getting drunk and ill, only to regret it for the next day or two. And there are others who don’t acknowledge their birthday – they treat it as ‘just another day’, preferring to work as normal, then their birthday is gone.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading down to Stratford-upon-Avon with my girlfriend to see a play – Stratford is the home of Shakespeare, and I’ve always wanted to head down there to see a show performed in his place of birth. By doing this, I’m ‘empowering my birthday’ rather than letting it slip away.

How To Empower Your Birthday

When I talk about empowering your birthday, I mean it’s “spending your birthday wisely and in ways that you enjoy, rather than limiting yourself”. When it comes to birthdays, some people limit themselves in a number of ways.

Some people choose to go to work, watch TV, and talk about the same topics as if it was just a normal day. Other people choose to go to the same bar or the same restaurant – the same place that they’ve been going to for years. Still others choose to take the day off work, but then spend the entire morning in bed, with the entire afternoon spent watching TV. What all of these people have in common is that, in some way, they are limiting what they can actually do.

Here are 7 ways you can empower your birthday and enjoy the most of your special day:

  • Give Yourself A Day Off

As I mentioned earlier, there are some people who will go into work as normal, despite it being their birthday. Even when their colleagues ask why, they say “Oh, it’s just another day.”

But birthdays aren’t ‘just another day’. They are once a year occasions when you are able to celebrate your ‘arrival’ into this world. So why not give yourself a day off?

If there is work to be done at the office, is it possible to delegate it? If there is an important project, is it possible to extend the deadline even by a day or two? It’s very rare that you will be in such a difficult position that you have to work on your birthday, and most people will be happy to let you get away for a day. It’s an ideal opportunity to treat yourself.

  • Clear Away Too Much Work

Following on from the previous point, it’s essential that you not only give yourself a day off, but you also prevent yourself from getting involved with too much work.

Ordinarily on days off, we may have tendencies to get chores done or start work on a new project. We see the time off work as a reason to do a ‘different kind of work’. However, what then happens is that we stress ourselves out from trying to get too much done. Instead of giving ourselves a rest, we force more work on ourselves. We become our own boss.

It’s OK to do chores that need doing, but please don’t think that you have to do so much on your birthday. Delegating chores can be done in order to ensure you get the time off you deserve. Prevent yourself from getting stressed by clearing away the excess work.

  • Thank Your Loved Ones

Your loved ones (parents, children, siblings, friends, etc) are those who will stick by you through thick and thin. They are the ones who best practice unconditional love. When your birthday comes round, take a moment or two to thank them for all that they’ve done for you. Acknowledge the times when they’ve been there for you, and forgive them for any mistakes that they’ve made over the years.

This is especially true for your parents, as they were the ones who brought you into this world. If they’re still around, thank them for giving you the gift of life. If they aren’t, thank them internally through prayer. By expressing thanks to those who care, you show that you care too.

  • Do What’s On Your Heart

In order to decide what to do on your birthday, the simplest advice I can offer you is to do what’s on your heart. What do you really want to do on your birthday? What event, or activity, or hobby greatly interests you? If your birthday is cleared, you can spend time doing that which gets your heart singing.

I’m a big fan of William Shakespeare and his plays, and so to go down to the RSC in Stratford and see an adaptation of one of his plays is a big thing for me. I can ‘tick off’ that dream on my list and enjoy the wonderful performance. What can you do on your birthday that will fulfill your heart’s desire?

  • Try One New Thing

Although there will be plans in your heart that you wish to fulfill, some of these plans may require some courage. We can all spend time doing that which we already know and love, but there are other desires that we may be hesitant to carry out.

In 2010, I spent my birthday rolling down a hill strapped inside a giant hamster ball. This activity is known as ‘zorbing’, and it was a whole load of fun. I had seen it done before, and was nervous about the risks involved, but when my birthday came closer, I realized that it would be the perfect time to do some ‘zorbing’. As a result, the birthday was one to remember.

Is there something that you wish to do, but are afraid to do it? We all have ‘risky desires’ in our hearts that need a little encouragement, and our birthdays are a great time to fulfill those desires. Take the plunge, try something new, and empower your birthday.

  • Contact Someone From Afar

A great element of birthdays is how they seem to bring people together.

Family members meet up who wouldn’t meet otherwise, and friends get in touch after months of silence. Birthdays seem to re-unite people and re-ignite old relationships.

Another way you can empower your birthday is by getting in touch with someone, family or friend, who you haven’t spoken with in months, maybe even years. Whether it’s over the phone, via e-mail or Skype, try contacting someone from your past who you wish to talk with again. There’s a good chance that they’ll appreciate the gesture, and it may even start the connection all over again.

  • Make It Memorable

Finally, no matter what you end up doing on your birthday, it’s important to make it memorable.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrations, to celebrate your life and good health. When we celebrate something, we wish to make it memorable in order for it last in our minds and hearts – this is why we have events like Remembrance Day, St. George’s Day, and Independence Day. Birthdays are the same kind of occasions, but for individuals. It’s the turn of the individual to celebrate.

When your birthday rolls round, it’s your chance to enjoy your day.  Do so with the best intentions, and make it worthwhile.

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